#30DaysWild 25 – wild crafts

A confession, I’ve prepared this one in advance, as I won’t be in a position to blog today but I will be out there, thinking wild thoughts …. But in the meantime, here are some of my favourite wild crafts.

Wintercroft masks

Wintercroft make amazing masks you can print off at home, stick to an old cereal box or something similar (so you’re recycling something old into something new too!) and then construct yourself. They have a wide variety of masks but a lot of them are based on animals, such as this gorgeous stag mask.

Image credit – Wintercroft

It looks a bit complicated but honestly it’s not, it just takes a bit of time (I’ve made their skull mask before).

Embroider a floral motif

Image credit: Polka and Bloom

Embroidery is a fantastically easy hobby to pick up (check out Sublime Stitching for some tutorials, it was a Sublime Stitching book that helped me start stitching many years ago now, they also have some lovely wild patterns, such as their Birds of Prey pattern sheet). It’s also an extremely portable hobby, so it’s great to stitch outside too!

Polka and Bloom have a fantastic range of floral motifs, such as the floral motif pictured above. Or if you like your embroidery a little more complicated, Follow the White Bunny has a fantastic shading course, where you can learn to shade the outline of a bird or a bear with an umbrella.

Cross stitch some creepy crawlies

If your needlework is more towards the cross stitch variety, Floss & Mischief have some fantastic creepy crawly cross stitch patterns, such as this death’s head moth pattern.

Image credit: Floss & Mischief

Or if you like your creepy crawlies more monochrome and a bit more buzzy, What Delilah did has a lovely bee pattern. She also has many other nature inspired patterns, I am very tempted by the magpie pattern.


Image credit: What Delilah Did


Knit some faux taxidermy

Actual taxidermy is of course a bit yeugh but knitted faux taxidermy, that’s quite cute. I don’t feel confident enough yet with my knitting skills but Louise Walker’s Faux Taxidermy Knits is lovely to look at and I think celebrates our wild animals, I particularly like her moose head.

Image credit: Louise Walker

And finally Paint some wild

Creativebug has a fantastic range of art classes, many of which look at natural subjects, such as in Lisa Congdon’s Sketchbook Exploration class.


Image credit: Creativebug


Creativebug is a subscription service but you can try any of their classes out on a free trial.

5 things I liked – 24.6.16

1. Visiting galleries I go to less often at the V&A, sometimes a break from my favourite galleries can be refreshing.

I love the scale of this gallery
You can imagine Dorian and Lily from Penny Dreadful having a dance here

2. Some plants I planted are actually thriving (I normally have the anti-green thumb) and they’re looking very pretty.

FullSizeRender 126

3. Game of Thrones! Eek, I had to remember to breathe! I don’t want to give any spoilers, so to give my reaction in emojis, 🤔 🔥 😅 🤔 😬 😱 💉💉💉💉💉💉 😠 😀 😮 (and Lyanna Moremont still managed to be the most badass, even though she was only in the latest episode for about 3 seconds).


4. Jake Morley has a new album out, woo hoo! I’ve been waiting for that for quite a while, I was virtually skipping along with music induced bouncyness, whilst I was out listening to it on my (*ahem* Mr. Lacer’s) headphones.

5. The Tate Modern extension, I am in building love.

FullSizeRender 163

#30DaysWild 24 – an early start

I had an early start today, other than completely freaking myself out over the news, I kept my eye out for wildlife. I was definitely outnumbered as I walked to the bus stop, with birds swooping low over pavements and looking dozily surprised as I had the tenacity to walk along the street.


FullSizeRender 172

I made myself a kimono! The instructions are in this month’s Mollie Makes, which is out today. I’d downloaded the magazine to give myself something to read over the weekend (not that I wouldn’t have bought it anyway, I’m just being a good girl and saving it for later) but I noticed on the cover that they had instructions for a kimono and funnily enough I had just been shopping for a kimono a few days ago and had failed to find one! The make is really easy, all you use is a big old scarf, which is what I’ve used here, you sew up the sides and hem the cut you make for the opening. I am really pleased with the result, I think it’s nicer than a kimono from the shops, specially as the scarf fabric is so lovely and soft.

#30DaysWild 23 – what I spotted whilst gardening

Warning: maybe not a post for arachnophobes


1 ‘ombre’ slug (and numerous of those orange tinted ones that look particularly gross).


A really big spider, worryingly a bit close to one of our windows. Although he had the remains of his breakfast (a bumble bee 😧) in his nearby web, so maybe he’s not planning on coming in just yet.


A snail, fleeing the scene of carnage bad gardening.


A tiny snail (as you can see, my gardening is normally on the ‘wild’ side).


And lots of tiny spiders and woodlice (you’ll have to trust me on the woodlice, they are in the photo).

Penny Dreadful – the FINAL two episodes -MASSIVE SPOILERS

Here be massive spoilers, you have been warned.


I’ve made no secret of my love of Penny Dreadful here on this blog recently but I watched the final two episodes last night and although I still enjoyed them, they left a tiny bit of a meh taste in my mouth, my issues were –

  • Vanessa was hardly in it at all (although in a way that was nice, concentrating on the other characters, who all effectively revolve around her – except maybe Lily and Dorian – even when she’s not there).


  • Why was Catriona Cardigan brought in? Other than to be a considerably more useful / kickass / attractive version of this guy 👇 in the final battle?


  • And talking of the final battle, that’s where the meh sort of really comes in; Dracula, what were you thinking?


The whole series, in fact the whole show basically revolved around how Dracula really, really wanted Vanessa, so like, she’s really important to him, right? Then how come in the final battle, he gets SO distracted fighting the other guys (a fight he is easily handling by the way), he totally doesn’t notice that there’s a werewolf missing?


And not only that, you’d have kind have thought that Dracula would have had the ‘I better put some minions to guard my beloved, in case I get distracted swatting flies in the final battle’ forethought, but nope, Ethan just strolls on up the stairs.

Episode 309

  • And then there’s like, what was Vanessa’s final game plan? Was her ‘you’re never going to have me Dracula, oh I give in, bite me bad boy’ from the earlier episode, just part of a sacrificial plan to pretend to be on Dracula’s side and then to kill herself later when he was a bit more relaxed about things? Or did Vanessa really embrace her dark side but one look at her former beloved, Ethan, make her completely change her mind?
  • Also, sorry, just a bit too overly religious and preachy that last bit, I don’t like my TV drama preaching at me.

But, on the good side –


  • I thought the guy playing Renfield was fantastic.

*All images from Penny Dreadful – HBO.