3 Beautiful Things (and some negative things thrown in to, because I can’t help it)

I couldn’t, to be honest, think of anything to blog about today, so having recently discovered Three Beautiful Things via Susan Hill’s blog roll, a beautiful site where the lady who writes there lists three beautiful things in her life each day, I thought for today I would do that to, although I have just this feeling that something negative will probably crop up to.

  1. Boy Lacer (26 months today), has started to brush his teeth by himself (of course I do it for him as well) but the beautiful thing about it is that he can do it better than his 4 year old sister, so having got used to seeing him ‘lag behind’ it’s good to see him excel at something. On the negative side of things though I just checked my inbox and the automated e-mail I get everytime Boy Lacer passes another month has arrived obviously today, I gave up reading this monthly e-mail a long time ago as it was too depressing to see what your x month old ‘should’ be doing, now just seeing the unread e-mail in my inbox is depressing, I should get round to cancelling it.
  2. Staying on the teeth theme, Mr. Lacer’s work is going to throw in dental care into his works package, yipee! We were hoping for this, me and the kids currently go to a lovely private dentist round the corner as there are honestly no decent NHS dentists nearby, infact there are noNHS dentists nearby, decent or not, so everytime I get toothache I don’t know what hurts more, my tooth or my wallet. Mr. Lacer goes to a horrible NHS dentist in another town as he tends to have more dental work done than me and no way could we afford to treat him privately, so now he’ll be able to go to our nice local dentist. We had a run in with a really bad NHS dentist (again in a neighbouring town due to the lack of NHS dentists round here) when I was pregnant with Boy Lacer, I needed some dental work and I didn’t realise that pregnant women were not recommended (by the government) to have mercury fillings, this dentist obviously should of told me but didn’t, I found out half way through the course of treatment and when I returned had a right go at her and stormed out, hence why I joined the nice private dentist. Now that Boy Lacer has developmental delay, you can guess what I think can’t you? Stupid cow (sorry I’m getting really really negative here).
  3. Finally I think we have successfully weaned Girl Lacer off the double buggy, yipee! See here and here for my ravings on the particular subject. Thanks to the scooter which Girl Lacer now hardly ever falls off (well once a trip at least, so she still ends up covered in mud most of the time) she can now handle the half hour walk into town or the hospital and the half hour walk back again 🙂

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