Gingerbread Girl and other gossip


Voila, one gingerbread man girl outfit. We (Mr. Lacer helped *shock*) sewed white ric rac (I’d always wondered what that was, now I know, Girl Lacer who had designed the outfit had specified it as “white wiggly stuff”) and added buttons to a plain brown top and pair of plain brown trousers. I also made a not very good mask (felt tip pen was running out, would have been better if I had managed to find brown card).

All this effort was for World Book Day today, Girl Lacer’s school were all dressing up as book characters and Girl Lacer being the original girl she is wanted to be a gingerbread man, she certainly was unique when I dropped her off this afternoon amongst the princesses, Sportacuses, pirates and Harry Potters, Girl Lacer’s nursery teacher was a rather scary witch.

In other news, yes I’m sickening but I’ve started the Christmas shopping, it would have been silly not to, I’ve been wanting to get Boy Lacer a toy castle and they can be phenomenally expensive (about £70), so when I found one at half price at £15, well I couldn’t resist, it just has to live in my cupboard for the next 9 months. Ok at RRP of £30 it’s not as swish or notably as big as the £70 castles but that is probably a good thing, we don’t have the space (or the budget) for £70 castles. The run up to Christmas this year is going to be even more hideously expensive than normal with, as well as the two birthdays before Christmas, we’ll also have the cost of school supplies, throwing a 5 year old birthday party and the worse of it, Boy Lacer’s very expensive playgroup fees, so with all that it’s probably a good idea to start Christmas shopping in March!


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