Tessa Kiros’ odd shaped ‘Ginger’bread biscuits

Lunch during today’s outing included, as well as the ubiquitous (I’m starting to get complaints here) marmite sandwiches, gingerbread biscuits I made last night from Tessa Kiros’ Apples for Jam. We’re a big fan of gingerbread in this family, well, three of us are, Mr. Lacer hates it, however he could happily eat these biscuits (despite whinging they were a bit soft) as he couldn’t taste the ginger, despite the fact that I’d put half a teaspoon of ginger powder in the dough. You could more taste the cardamon and cloves really, it was an odd recipe, involving single cream and maple syrup, it did taste nice (and quite Christmasy in August) but I doubt I’ll make them again, if anything because they committed the cardinal sin (for me) of being really difficult to cut into shapes, I ended up giving up and just made splodges instead.

ready for the picnic lunch
ready for the picnic lunch

Recipe here.


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