Out tea-toweled

The Christmas gift making continues unabashed and this year I’m doing tea towels, majorly.


Julie West patterns from Sublime Stitching

These are for my aunt and her family, she’s difficult to shop / make for and I’m not totally sure she’ll like these but then again I’m not sure what she’d like and well, I guess it’s the thought that counts.


Teeth and ear from Sublime Stitching’s Vital Organs pattern

These are for my sister’s boyfriend, he’s from Korea and I’m not totally sure how he’ll take these!


Chickens based on illustrations from Where’s the Cat? illustrated by Debbie Harter

These are for my dad, not the first time I’ve given him tea towels either but he gets through a lot of them for some reason. The designs are based on illustration from a board book rather close to my heart (in connection with Boy Lacer and my minuscule book selling business) called Where’s the Cat? by Stella Blackstone and illustrated by Debbie Harter. Basically the child finds the cat, which is hidden on the page, Boy Lacer used to ‘get it’ but recently has become confused by the fact that I’m asking him where the cat is and there’s the cat on the opposite page clearly visible from the previous ‘where’s the cat?’ question, Girl Lacer tries to get round this problem when trying to do the book with Boy Lacer by sitting on the page Boy Lacer isn’t meant to be looking at! Anyway on one page the cat is stalking some chickens and I used the chicken illustrations for my dad’s tea towels as he has two chickens himself, including a speckled one, which he is rather attached to. These are the tea towels I like the most, so I hope my dad likes them. Much as I like Sublime Stitching’s patterns, they are all very much a certain style and I’m feeling drawn more to my own style now, which would be a bit more delicate, more old fashioned but definitely not chintzy! Ok the chicken design isn’t mine either but it would be the sort of thing I’d do, just need to work on my drawing!


3 thoughts on “Out tea-toweled

  1. I’m tea toweling people for the holidays, too! Yours look great, I hope mine turn out as well…once I get any headway on them I’ll post ’em so we can compare 🙂

  2. The Bears think anyone would be proud to receive such a lovely gift and want to know if you do a line in embroidered Bears trying to keep their toes warm in this rotten freezing weather which they do not appreciate one little bit!

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