Boy Lacer’s Nativity

Boy Lacer’s playgroup had it’s very very simple nativity plus some Christmas songs today. Boy Lacer was a shepherd, I had almost completed a costume of half a toddler bed sheet, inexpertly hand painted with stripes to recreate that 70s Mothercare bedsheet (Mr. Lacer’s factoid that, he remembers the 70s far better than I do) shepherd look, when I realised this morning that I couldn’t find the bed sheet, wasn’t totally convinced it’d work anyway, so after a rummage through Mr. Lacer’s wardrobe, this was Boy Lacer’s costume.


I think the end result was quite good, just a T-shirt from Mr. Lacer plus Mr. Lacer’s dressing gown cord. Goes to show how broad Boy Lacer is, as at least across the shoulder the T-shirt is not that big. The outfit is possibly more monk than shepherd, specially with his newly pudding bowled hair (that was yesterday, now that was traumatic and raising of the spectre that he is getting stronger every day now and there will come a point where if he’s in a situation which he doesn’t like but needs to stay still, I will not be able to hold him). He wasn’t wearing a tea towel (as Girl Lacer put it) as I knew what he’d be like about something on his head.

Anyway, I dropped Boy Lacer off at playgroup and he immediately knew something was up and he didn’t want to go in (which is unusual for him as far as playgroup is concerned), but luckily one of the playgroup assistants met him and I left him to wait outside for the show to start. When they let us back in, all the children were sitting up on the stage, Boy Lacer was sitting at the back, safely ensconced on the playgroup assistant’s lap (gold star for playgroup’s management there). The look on his face when he saw me come in, aww it was priceless, he looked so happy. Then the performance started, he didn’t do any singing and only did very few of the actions but was happy to be there. Funnily enough though when I showed him the video afterwards, he did all the actions for the songs and even sung to some of them!

Boy Lacer got a goody bag from playgroup which has causing friction in this house from Girl Lacer, who seems to resent her previously 100% dominant status as the only one who ever gets goody / party bags, so we’ve had some very stupid arguments and tantrums (from her) over some party toys. She is getting very tired and there is yet another party tomorrow, I’d be tempted not to let her go, except I’m one of the mums organising it and I don’t want to do it either, I’m partied out by association to! 


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