Chocolate & Coke Day

Today is one of those days and it’s only Monday, which is always worrying. It started off with Girl Lacer throwing a tantrum first thing because her knickers weren’t fairy knickers, honestly! She’s getting very brattish at the moment and it’s not pleasant, started suspiciously close to Boy Lacer’s birthday, sigh, if only she knew, as far as things like time and money goes, she gets far more time and money spent on her than poor Boy Lacer does. Boy Lacer’s birthday this year was, as usual, a very quiet affair, Girl Lacer’s birthday this year will be a mammoth three day event, a trip to Legoland on the Saturday, an expensive birthday party on the Sunday and her actual birthday on the Monday and it’s not as if it’s going to be a surprise, she knows all this is going to happen, plus of course she gets two lots of dance tuition and associated costs and me and Boy Lacer dragging around after her and now yoga as well! This imbalance is in reality principally because Boy Lacer wouldn’t want activity clubs and big birthday parties and trips to Legoland are quite hard going for him but put it this way as well, if Boy Lacer were as a sociable child as Girl Lacer is, there’s no way we could afford to finacially maintain two sociable children’s lifestyles to the level we do for just one sociable child (Girl Lacer). So, it’s lucky in a way that Boy Lacer’s idea of a good time is a shopping trip with mummy so he can go in the lifts and lucky for Girl Lacer to. Writing this makes her sound slightly spoilt but looking at the sorts of things her peers get up to, it’s pretty average.

So, tantrum number one was about knickers, tantrum number two followed an even more predictable path, as well as possibly being a wee bit jealous of Boy Lacer (in fairness to her, I also don’t think she likes him being home with me and her not, although not that we get up to much!), Girl Lacer is also getting to that time of life, ‘again’ where she’s testing boundaries because as far as she seems to be concerned, her schedule is her schedule and nobody, I repeat nobody, is going to deviate her from it, doesn’t matter that it’s time to go to bed or to school (as in the case this morning), if she’s doing something else, she’s doing that something else. So, it’s lots of gentle warnings that she has 10 minutes left to do what she’s doing, 5 minutes left, then lots of gentle “It’s time to finish what you’re doing, pack away now” and it completely and utterly falls on deaf ears until I get stern with her, start nagging and then she doesn’t like that, oh no, cue tantrum. She was an extremely tantrumy 2-3 year old, calmed down a bit around 4 and 5 but as she approaches 6, it looks like 6 going on 16. God help us when she really is a teenager, poor Mr. Lacer especially, no sisters of his own, attended a single sex boys school, no idea what he’s got in store!

So, after all that we were slightly late for school, so slightly late for the coffee morning I’d arranged. The coffee morning was for the afternoon nursery parents at a nearby cafe. We eventually get to the cafe, virtually empty, I see a few familiar faces in the corner and I’m like “Are those nursery mums?” because up to that point I haven’t really had a chance to talk to any of them and you know how it is in a small community, you see a lot of the same faces over and over again but not necessarily outside nursery! So, slightly worried I was actually invading someone elses coffee morning, I went to join them, lucky then they were nursery mums! I’m just glad people turned up, this is my third year parent repping and I’m still slightly surprised when people turn up to social events I organise! The quiet mouse me is always slightly chuffed. Slightly worrying on the whole demographics of the thing though in that a good chunk of the people turning up were already old hands at the school, i.e had older children at the school, but being a new parent at the school I can remember being incredibly daunted as it’s a very full-on school, but coffee mornings are a great way to ease the new parents in. I’m currently the only rep for the class though and I’m having trouble getting anyone else to join in.

Boy Lacer had a nice time as well, they had a climbing frame outside, when it was time to go home though, he was not happy, as we went a slightly different route home, going along a stretch of river he doesn’t know that well, as it was such a nice day. Oh he did not like that one bit, “You’re going the wrong way! You can’t go this way, it’s muddy!” no it wasn’t, not on the path anyway, then when he ran out of mud as an excuse, “You can’t go this way, there’s steps!”, no there wasn’t, then “You can’t go this way, the posts are closed!” no they weren’t, he’d repeat each excuse over and over again till he thought of or spotted another excuse, I tried distracting him (sometimes works), “Look, blue sail boats! How many can you see? I can see four,” “No there isn’t” he replies, “Look, can you see the sign that says ducks?”, ooh I shouldn’t have said that, “Can’t go this way, ducks this way” he points in the direction we’re going, “ducks that way, ducks in the way, we go that way” he points backwards, luckily shortly afterwards (and with no ducks in the way) we get to a bit of river he does know and he instantly calms down. Now I can handle those sort of tizzes without feeling too frazzled myself normally but on top of Girl Lacer’s two tantrums this morning, it had me reaching for the coke and chocolate like an alcoholic trying to hide my swigs from a brown paper bag, knowing that especially in a stressed state, consuming two different varieties of my caffeine and sugar fix has the powerful potential of actually making me feel worse, hiding behind the pushchair as I stick three chunks of chocolate at once in my mouth, “What you eating?” goes Boy Lacer, “Nothing,” I say all innocently with my mouth full.


Purple stars

I made these last night but couldn’t photograph them till daylight this morning and even with daylight do you know how difficult it is to photo purple sparkly things?

They’re for a purple Christmas tree decoration swap on swap bot but really they’re prototypes for my Christmas stall. One has blanket stitch and the other had whip (? I think that’s the correct term) stitch. The original idea was to blanket stitch both of them but I wasn’t too happy with my blanket stitch, I don’t think it looks that neat, so I whip stitched the other. I wasn’t too happy with either of them actually last night ( although I think the whip stitch is neater and holds the stuffing better), so I’m always fascinated by the process of creative distance, as after a night’s sleep, I came to them on the table this morning and found I quite liked them, even the blanket stitch one now, so I’m torn as to which stitch I’ll use on the ones for the stall (which will be in white, although I also had a Pop Life inspired idea whilst sewing these up last night and may do some coloured ones with eyes as well).

Mrs. Lacer’s handy household tip of the day – Fruit Fly Traps

This is more a passing on of a tip because I am the least likely person to actually have household tips, as I am one of the most practically useless ‘housepersons’ I know. I read this on the bottom of one of Angry Chicken’s recent posts, she had been having problems with fruit fly in her kitchen and had tried a tip she had read in the newspaper about leaving a bowl of mashed up fruit with some cling film over it with tiny holes in (so the fruit fly can get in, but not out) and had had success with it. Scrolling down through the comments on the post, other people had also had success with cider vinegar and a little squirt of washing up liquid. Now, I was quite relieved by this post, as I was beginning to think I was the only person, being domestically challenged as I am, who had clouds of fruit fly in her kitchen and I didn’t have a clue what to do about them. In my defense, the fruit flies were coming from our food waste bin (we recycle food waste, along with pretty much everything else, in our town now, the council provides a large food waste bin and a small food waste bin, with the idea that you keep your small bin in the kitchen and the big bin outside and empty the small bin when needed), so short of just taking all food waste outside immediately (in the midst of winter, no thank you), I hadn’t known what to do, until I thought about trying out one of these traps. I didn’t have any cider vinegar but I do have copious quantities of white wine vinegar, so I tried that with some washing up liquid and you know, it works! It attracted and killed scores of them. Kind of feel a bit guilty, but I can’t have fruit fly living in my kitchen.