Doctor Who: The End of Time Part 2 (major spoilers)

Awww, sob! That was one hell of a sad regeneration, he didn’t want to go, he regenerated on his own, awwwww!!!!

All in all, a good episode, better than last week’s but again a slow start with lots of standing around talking, although once again the scenes between David Tennant and Bernard Cribbins were absolutely excellent. The gone loco Time Lords didn’t particularly have that much menace, although Timothy Dalton’s glove was an impressive bit of kit. But I did like the almost camaraderie between the Doctor and the Master in the end.

Other random thoughts:

  • I liked the music in this one, it was quite old fashioned in an adventure epic sort of way.
  • There was a bit of Star Wars in this one, with the cactus people’s ship being chased by missiles and the shooting lasers. I thought the giant chamber of Time Lords was a bit Star Wars to. Has Russell T Davies changed his mind about George Lucas and is trying to show his wares?
  • So, the Doctor takes a gun, interesting that the new Doctor is also waving a gun around in the new trailer.

As for the end, gulp, Tennant’s Doctor survives the big battle between the Master and the Time Lords but then of course he has to save Wilf to, in a very interesting plot device that means the Doctor slowly dies instead of dying immediately (causing an immediate regeneration), allowing the Doctor to go back and briefly visit all his old companions. He saves Martha (now hitched to Mickey, way to go Mickey!) from a Sontaran, saves Luke from being run over because he’s too busy chatting on his mobile, gives Donna a winning lottery ticket after going back in time to cadge a pound off her dad (as of course he doesn’t carry money around) and visits Rose before she’s even met him, almost regenerating outside Rose’s block of flats, but he just makes it into the TARDIS and oh he doesn’t want to go, he doesn’t want to regenerate, so different from Christopher Eccleston’s regeneration where he goes out on a blaze of glory. David Tennant was just brilliant, playing the Doctor’s pain at going. And Matt Smith? You know I wasn’t sure when I first heard about him, but just from those last few minutes, I think he’ll be ok.

And of course there is that trailer, I think Russell T Davies has left the show in good hands, which of course, being Stephen Moffat’s hands, are brilliant and it looks like (from the trailer) that Moffat could not resist bringing back his weeping angels, which will be excellent, check out this added weeping angel bonus also on the Doctor Who website at the moment. Can’t wait and Spring, that could be just a few months!


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