Little Berry Cakes

Little Berry Cakes

Probably my last Nigel Slater recipe for a while, these were adapted from Tender II (from the Little Currant Cake recipe, which I think will be delicious when black- and redcurrants are in season). I used frozen mixed berries for half the cake batter and frozen blueberries for the other half (Girl Lacer can’t eat strawberries and there were strawberries in the mixed berry packet). I think the smaller the fruit the better this recipe works, at least cosmetically, because when you use big berries in something small like a cup cake, the fruit goes all mushy when cooked, leaving a great big hole in the cake, however that does absolutely nothing bad to the taste, I can tell that as I think there are now four cakes left if the kitchen and I only made them a few hours ago!

This baking session happened to be my week 26 of 52 Weeks of Creative, so I am now half way through. Here are the first half of my weekly projects (which turned out to be a mix of baking, sewing / embroidery, photography and a tiny bit of drawing).

First half of 52 weeks of creative


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