The Stitch & Craft Show 2011

Today I got to go to The Stitch & Craft Show at Olympia. I got to go round it with one of my fellow Feeling Stitchy bloggers, Carina (who I’d never got to meet before, so it was lovely meeting her) and we went to a workshop run by Emily Peacock, where we started stitching a key.

It was lovely hearing a bit about how Emily runs her business and how quickly it’s grown. We then went and had a quick look round some of the stalls before catching Emily again at The Cross Stitcher stand, where we learnt some more canvas stitches.

We then had some lunch (food at Olympia 2 – not brilliant) and explored round the stalls some more.

The exhibition was divided into three floors, paper crafts on the top floor, stitching on the ground floor and knitting on the lower ground floor (i.e. the basement). We had a look at all three floors but obviously paid the most attention to the stitching floor. We found it a bit bemusing that each floor had a presentation area, but the paper crafting floor had a massive presentation area, the knitting floor had a reasonable presentation area and the stitching floor, well, you had to squeeze onto a couple of tight benches and a couple of tables behind. We also thought the knitting floor looked quite sparse in general, compared to the other floors. The stitching floor did have a lot of stalls but, put it this way, I spend a lot of time in the more modern side of the embroidery community, so it can be easy to forget, until you go round something like The Stitch and Craft Show, that the majority of embroiderers, they’re still in the granny school of embroidery. Put it this way, my mother-in-law (not that she embroiders, but she does paper craft and knit) would have LOVED The Stitch and Craft Show. I guess they’re going for the majority of stitchers taste, so nothing wrong with that, but I’d love to see more modern stitching out there. However in the corner for us modern stitchers they did have Mr X Stitch (aka Jamie), who it was lovely to see again, he had a great display of contemporary pieces and was getting quite a few people to have a go at cross stitching and ok, I can cross stitch already but there is nothing much nicer than sitting and watching the world go by with a needle and thread in hand.

Once we’ve got some photos sorted I’ll also be posting about the show on Feeling Stitchy, I’ll mention here when.


4 thoughts on “The Stitch & Craft Show 2011

  1. Hi Mary Ann

    I actually live quite close to RSN, I’ve seen one of their exhibitions, their work is beautiful but due to their history I guess, it was mostly quite ‘old – fashioned’

  2. Oh you are sooo lucky to be so close to RSN. I know that they do the traditional/”old fashioned” work, but here in the U.S. its all quilting, needle point and cross stitch and very little of the really fine, high level of the needle arts and I’d love to go there someday to take a class. I am really not so very skilled myself, but I am just getting back into it after many years (raising kids) of not doing it. I think we (in the U.S.) could really use a school that teaches like RSN. I am just starting to offer work shops and designs for hand embroidery and I am hoping it generates some interest and will grow…here is my brand new blog. Come over and see us sometime – the Hudson Valley is beautiful!
    Mary Ann

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