Isabella Plantation

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We managed to drag ourselves out of the flat this afternoon to go and walk up to Isabella Plantation, which is a smallish, enclosed area in Richmond Park. Whereas most of the rest of Richmond Park is quite wild, Isabella Plantation is more managed and there are beautiful flowering bushes, prehistoric looking ferns, cooling ponds and cute little streams with tiny bridges or stepping logs over them, there. The plantation is heavily planted with mature trees and one of the pleasures of going there is getting deliberately lost amongst the shaded winding paths. Another one of the pleasures of visiting Isabella Plantation is the numerous logs and branches for the kids to clamber over. This time they played a mixture of Angry Birds (the softies I made came along for the walk to and were well maltreated) and Dora the Explorer, Boy Lacer being assigned to the role of Boots by Girl (I mean Dora) Lacer. Once again I go somewhere and think “I must do this more often”.


Angry Birds are for Easter, not just for life

Angry birds
Not brilliant photos I’m afraid, I didn’t have the heart to grab them back and demand a proper photo shoot

Easter is not really a big deal in our household, previous Easters we’d also brought the kids outdoor toys as well (as with both of them being Autumn babies, they were never really given outdoor toys as presents), but we didn’t this year. But I couldn’t just give them chocolate, so I knocked up a couple of Angry Birds based on the pattern by Obsessively Stitching, as Angry Birds are very big in this flat.

They were relatively easy to make (presuming you have some sewing experience) and I suspect I will be making some more . . .