Some photos from this week

Time normally flies for me but this week has felt very long, not in a bad way but it has been tiring. I spent Monday to Wednesday training for my new job in Central London.

Taken one day on my way home, I did a double take and had to do a small U-turn to take a photo. (For any non-Brit readers who may not be familiar with the signs they put on trees in danger of getting hit by buses etc, the sign should read 'Low Trees' but it's been altered slightly with a sticker).

The training went well and was quite interesting and part of me did enjoy the quite long winded commute (nearly two hours in the morning, anywhere else in this country and that would be going from one major town to another, but in London, that’s just going from the suburbs to north of the river) but I was glad when me and Mr. Lacer ‘swopped’ roles back again on Thursday. I start work properly next Friday and thankfully, it’s from home.

On Monday, as well as being at work, it was also mine and Mr. Lacer’s wedding anniversary, rather embarrassingly, we only remembered this year when some relatives with far better memories than us (or probably far more organised diaries) started to send us anniversary cards on the Friday. Mr. Lacer came home from work on the Monday with flowers, which ended up joining a bunch I had bought myself (well, those ones were a buy one, get one free and I had bought a bunch to thank my sister for looking after the kids that day).

flowers I bought
flowers Mr. Lacer bought, I like getting flowers

Girl Lacer was at a summer dance school all week (which culminated in an excellent musical performance of Shrek, where Girl Lacer was a guard). Boy Lacer was at a holiday club which he had been awarded funding from to help him achieve more, I’m not totally sure where watching a DVD a day and playing with Lego counts with that, but there you go. I suppose any excuse to get him to mix more and it did help with me working for three days.

On the Friday I finally had a chance to start on the weeding at the allotment (me being out of action for a month with my knee and then being busy with end of term stuff and getting a job has meant my allotment is now looking pretty bad). I was weeding for over an hour but only just about managed the squash bed and half the onion / carrot / pea bed. However most of my vegetable plants are still busy doing what they’re meant to be doing, including growing my first full sized courgette.

and a new flower appearing in my flower bed.

Today Girl Lacer wanted to go to the park, so we went after lunch. I didn’t take many photos, as we were walking a well trod path to one of the playgrounds, but I did take this.

I like how the lighting on this looks a bit weird, as if I’ve somehow taken it at night but the flowers, bee and butterfly have been well lit from the front. I guess it ended up like that because although it was a bright day today, I was shooting into shadow.


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