The Adjustment Bureau


I’ve just watched The Adjustment Bureau and absolutely loved it, a sci-fi / fantasy-ish romance starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt and based on a short story from Phillip K Dick.


Matt Damon’s character is running for Senate when by chance (in a beautifully shot hotel) he meets Emily Blunt’s character wearing a stunning evening skirt and top combo (photo below doesn’t really do the outfit justice).


The whole movie is beautifully shot and styled, with wonderful colouring. Thankfully it’s not all style and no substance, as the plot is interesting, thought provoking and gently quirky, as The Adjustment Bureau do their best to stop Damon and Blunt from getting together. I haven’t seen a movie I’ve liked so much in ages.


One thought on “The Adjustment Bureau

  1. Damon and Blunt’s chemistry is what makes this film work so well, the only problem is that the plot just doesn’t know what to do with itself to make it interesting in 99 minutes. Nice Review! Check out my site when you can!

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