I went to the allotment and I . . .

Weeded a lot (but still not enough)

Harvested carrots,

some potatoes (the rest of the first earlies),

some courgettes,

and a head of lettuce.

I then went home and made this,

which weirdly reminded me a bit of the sort of food I used to eat at my gran’s. Now I eat salad and jacket potato all the time but don’t usually get flashbacks to eating at my gran’s table, I think this time the taste, as it was home grown, was ever so subtly different and that’s what brought back the memories. My grandad gardened but I can’t remember if he grew his own or not but he might of done and I guess even if he didn’t, chances are 30 years ago (eek yes, 30 years) even food my gran would have bought from the shops (probably a greengrocers) would have been grown far closer to where she lived than food bought in a supermarket these days.

(For the record, the first earlies continue to be delicious, although I think they’re nicer boiled, not baked, but the carrots, although smelling amazingly carroty when I dug them up, failed to deliver quite the strong carroty taste they were promising and instead were a little bland, it may have been the variety I was growing, which unfortunately I can’t remember right now. Oh and the red lettuce (which I think, if I remember correctly, is lollo rosso) is the last of the lettuces not to bolt and has the benefit of not being liked by the rabbits, I will be growing this one next year.)


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