Changing of the Guard and stuff

One of the kids’ favourite books is A Walk in London by Salvatore Rubbino, that and Boy Lacer doing a study topic on London when he was in Reception, oh and the Royal Wedding to, meant that the kids’ wanted to see Buckingham Palace (they also have Salvatore Rubbino’s A Walk in New York and they would quite like to see the Gridiron building, but that would be a bit more expensive).

So we timed our trip to see the Changing of the Guard, it was very hot and crowded though and even though we were there in plenty of time to grab a spot (over an hour early) we still couldn’t see much (I really wouldn’t recommend going to see the Changing of the Guard in August, thinking about it). I gave up less than half way through (and we were in danger of loosing the pushchair in the scrum, so I took it out of the crowd and went to wait under some trees where I could still hear them, slightly bizarrely, playing jazz tunes and James Bond numbers) but I did (courtesy of my zoom and waving my camera in the air) managed to get some photos.

Changing of the Guard (1)

Changing of the Guard (2)

and the guards they changed over with

Changing of the Guard (3)

After that we made our way to Trafalgar Square to go to the delicious Peyton and Byrne at the National Gallery. After we’d eaten the kids insisted on showing their grandma (who we were with) around the gallery as their grandma had never been and they wanted to show her the paintings they’d learned about at school. It was funny watching the kids’ drag their grandma enthusiastically from painting to painting, although sometimes there was a difference in opinion between the kids about which painting to go to next.

After the National Gallery we headed towards Westminster Abbey, via the centre of London, which is featured in the A Walk in London book, it was nice to see the real plaque (it’s on a small roundabout just off Trafalgar Square).

centre of London

When we got to Westminster Abbey the queues were very long and it was surprisingly expensive (can’t even recall paying last time I went in there, although it was years ago), so we didn’t go in. Instead we went to St. James’ Park to walk around the lake and eat some ice cream, before heading home, very hot and exhausted, those cities where everyone leaves in August, they’ve got the right idea.

St. James' Park


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