Liberty Ornithology Scarf

I’m normally pretty bad, I’ll fall in love with some material, buy it and it’ll sit on my shelves uncut for months (actually looking at the pile of still uncut material on my shelf it could go to years). But I ordered the Liberty Ornithology fabric*, it arrived in the post today, it went straight in the washing machine, then straight on the line and then an hour or so later, straight on my sewing machine. I just knew when I saw the fabric in Mollie Makes last week (Mollie Makes is so evil to my wallet, specially as I read the digital version where all web links actually go straight to the web link) that it would make a fantastic scarf, just sewn simply together, I think it took me longer to pin it than to sew it together.

*Worth checking out the link just for the story behind this particular fabric design.

PS I’m wearing one of my decal-ed tops today and am realising that just because I’ve put a decal on a top that I don’t like (because it doesn’t suit me) doesn’t stop the top still not suiting me.


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