Red aubergine pasta

Trying to ignore the siren call of the jar of pasta sauce in the kitchen, I actually made the sauce for tonight’s tea; red aubergine pasta from the Innocent Hungry? book. As I was chopping the vegetables I was struck by how pretty the red onion was and inspired by Cauchy’s lovely food photography over on Completely Cauchy, I whipped out my camera and took a photo of the red onion (check out Cauchy’s blog for great embroidery, knitting, quilting and crochet to).

Certainly prettier than a jar of pasta sauce

As for the pasta itself, this was a whole family dish but unfortunately the roasted red pepper I used (out of a jar) turned out a bit too spicy for the kids (although I think the very obvious aubergine and red onion didn’t help either), so they didn’t eat it. Personally I thought the red pepper added a nice gentle warmth that infused the whole sauce, Mr. Lacer on the other hand couldn’t taste any spicy-ness, which prompted a whole discussion on how he’s got less taste buds than everyone else (as he’s the oldest), thank you Nina and the Neurons.

Personally I thought this pasta was quite nice but if the kids aren’t going to eat it, it’s not going to make my regular repertoire, as it’s slightly too much effort to make for just me and Mr. Lacer (although shamefully, this dish is hardly any effort at all, but as I’m still trying to get out of jarred pasta sauce territory I’m shying away from anything that doesn’t give high returns for effort made). Although having said that I do think this would be nice as a pasta bake with cheese on top . . .

In other news – sorry I haven’t been blogging much, the summer holidays haven’t produced a wealth of anything much interesting this year. I am embroidering quite a bit but everything I’ve done requires finishing off with a sewing machine and whilst the kids are home I find myself reluctant to use the sewing machine because if I’m the sole adult in charge, although I’m sure the kids would behave themselves whilst I was sewing in the other room (they’re still addicted to Portal, so probably wouldn’t particularly care if I were in the room or not) I worry that I wouldn’t hear any of their potential mischief over the noise of the sewing machine. One of the few benefits of this tiny shoe box flat is that normally you can hear everything they get up to, even if I’m in another room, whenever we go and visit or stay in a larger (*ahem* normal) sized house I always wonder how on earth the parents can cope without hearing what their kids are getting up to upstairs. I know that obviously they do cope but as all my parenting life has been in tiny flats I’ve never had to learn how to, it’d obviously be easier now my kids are older but even now with Boy Lacer’s autism, trouble can still kick off at a moment’s notice. I would love a quieter sewing machine, my sewing machine is quite loud, to put it nicely and because my sewing machine is so loud I always feel a bit guilty using it in the evenings as well (although that doesn’t always stop me).

Other than not sewing we’ve been, ummm, going shopping quite a bit (normal food shops, getting school uniform stuff etc), although one of those shopping trips was to Westfield, which was fun because they’ve got a Lego store there and a Disney store where the kids took part in an animation workshop (including Boy Lacer, which was was lovely to see), Girl Lacer can now draw a mean Mickey Mouse. We’ve also been getting some good playground time in to.


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