Richmond Park escape

I got to escape to Richmond Park today, the original plan being, that whilst the kids were busy elsewhere I could finally set up a game of Hidden Park on my phone, but unfortunately it turns out that the data signal in Richmond Park is pretty non-existent, so I couldn’t get the game to work, so instead of sticking to the child friendly / pushchair paths I had planned to do (whilst creating the game), I made the most of being on my own and went seriously off piste again.

At one point I came across a group of deer, where I stood very respectfully quite some distance away until they moved on, the park is definitely more their park than it is mine (and anyway, I’m not going to mess with those antlers). (Photos below taken with my zoom on maximum).

The slightly risky wildlife was worth it because once the path above was clear and I had walked along it, just round the corner was this view.

I think I’ve been up at that particular spot just once before in the seven years I’ve lived here and I had walked there last time by a different route, so it was a pleasant surprise. I’d swear you can see all the way to the edge of South West London in the distance (as I could just about spot the group of tall buildings that cluster around the junction to the motorway).

I then scrambled down the hill (definitely not child friendly, well not Boy Lacer friendly anyway and he would have been a bit freaked out by the deer) and headed to the nearest gate, not before bumping into another group of deer, this lot being a lot more comfortable with all the human activity nearby.

The stags were grazing right next to one of the exits, on a patch of grass most people walk across coming in and out of the park, although not with these guys here, although one old man did try, this was the look he got.

The man soon made a detour.

As well as escaping to the park today, well I did have to also make use of the free time by going up to the allotment to do some weeding to, I tackled the dreaded fruit bed and although now, after an hour’s work I have got rid of most of the tall weeds, it still doesn’t look very good. So much so that the photos I took down the allotment today were of the very weeds themselves and other pests, not my actual plants.

I did harvest (more) courgettes though and some more golden raspberries, which are doing relatively well, but this year with my raspberries, a lot of them seem to be developing what looks like mould on the top, not good.

Oh well, I’m just pleased to see August back, even if it turns out to be only briefly, the weather recently has been awful, more like Autumn than Summer, so I’m making the most of it whilst I can.


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