Cowgirl skirt

I may not have liked having to appliqué my new cardigan but I have nothing against cutting up an old pair of dungarees (dungarees? what on earth possessed me?) to make this cowgirl skirt. I remember seeing a how to in an old issue of Sew Hip, but it’s fairly straightforward and I just made it up as I went along. It’s just simply cutting the top off the dungarees (if you’re using dungarees that is, you can also use jeans obviously, in which case skip this step), cutting along the inner leg seam and inserting two triangles of fabric, in my case I used From The Hip by Alexander Henry (I got it from Fabric Rehab). And I’m really pleased with the result, there’s slight puckering at the top of both triangles but it’s not that noticeable (hopefully) and I didn’t unpick and redo as this was meant to be a quick and dirty job and I felt like I had no guarantee I’d do it any better next time. Using dungarees has meant that the skirt is just the right length for me (being tall it can be difficult to find a really long denim skirt), the addition of the panels gives it a nice sweep and the denim a nice weight, so result, a very quick skirt!

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