My ‘commute’ to work

On Fridays I have a shift that starts at 6pm, Mr. Lacer is home by this time to look after the kids but I need to have tea for the kids (and me, as by the time I finish my shift it would be too late to eat) if not served, at least ready to serve. So my ‘commute’ to work yesterday, via my kitchen, was making Butternut Squash and Carrot soup from Annabel Karmel’s After School Meal Planner, I had planned on just making the Butternut Squash soup from Hungry? but somehow managed to misplace the book somewhere. I love butternut squash soup and I have so many recipes for it and I haven’t cooked nearly all of them but of the ones I have cooked, some I love (Tana Ramsay has a nice recipe I think) and some I don’t love because the soup is too thin (I like my butternut squash soup thick). So when I couldn’t find my copy of Hungry? I had to face my towering bookshelf full of cookbooks, which is not in the most convenient position in the flat but it’s the only place we can put them, so it’ll have to do. Before I came across the Annabel Karmel recipe I found a couple of gorgeous looking butternut squash recipes, a Bill Granger one where unfortunately I didn’t have the red lentils or the 1 1/2 hours cooking time and one in the first Leon book but I didn’t have the potatoes or the cream, but both recipes I would love to try one day. The Annabel Karmel recipe, on the other hand was simplicity, just butternut squash, carrots, onion and stock and it didn’t take too long to cook.

Even so I only finished cooking 10 minutes before my shift started, leaving Mr. Lacer to serve up (he liked the soup, Girl Lacer liked the soup, Boy Lacer of course did not like the soup), whilst I grabbed a bowlful on the way to my desk.

I liked the soup (just the right thickness).


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