Patched cardigan

Last month I bought myself a new cardigan from Fat Face, beautifully soft, it was like wrapping myself in my duvet, but on the very first day I wore it, I bent down to take something out of the pushchair that lives in our small hallway and snagged the arm of the cardigan on some chipped paintwork, making a hole in the sleeve. I was not impressed, I’ll tell you that.

So, mending my new lovely cardigan has been on my to-do list ever since, I knew straight away what I’d do, I’d use an applique patch to cover the hole and to make it look not so obvious that it was a repair, I’d add patches elsewhere to. I found some nice fabric in my stash (Cath Kidston) but this was not an alteration I really enjoyed doing, although I love applique I really don’t want to applique every item of clothing I own, sometime I just appreciate a nice plain something, be it a cardigan or a T-shirt. But I couldn’t walk round with a hole in my cardigan and I certainly wasn’t going to throw it away, so I eventually gritted my teeth and patched it.

In the photo you can see the patch I used for the actual hole, I also, like I say to make it look less obviously patched, added patches on both elbows to. It looks ok, but it’s not my beautiful, plain, goes with everything cardigan any more. Still incredibly soft though and I love how on this cardigan the sleeves are too long, so it’ll still feel as if I’m wrapping myself up against the outside when I’m wearing it.


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