Books nationality

After finishing listening to the very excellent Horns it struck me that all I seem to read / listen to is American books, so I thought I’d go back and search through this blog to see if I was right in that feeling. I searched back up to the beginning of the year and found that yes, recently it has been pretty much just American books but I have read some British books this year to. The results were UK books read this year (so far) – 7 1/2, American books read this year (so far) 10 1/2 and books set elsewhere – 2 (by the way I’m not talking about the nationality of the author, just where the book is set, although often they’re one and the same, oh and also if you’re wondering about the 1/2 bit, A Discovery of Witches was set pretty much half and half in the UK and the US, with a bit in France to).

I do seem to prefer books set in America though, I think I prefer their tone, I read (or listen) pretty much for entertainment (although I hope to learn something along the way to) and I seem to be of the, maybe stereotypical opinion, the American books are ‘fun’ whereas British books can be prone to being dry and worthy. Also, as I’ve said often in this blog, I love books where I’ve felt like I’ve lived for a while in someone else’s shoes, learnt a bit about their lives (be it a tunnel digger or a medieval lawyer) and maybe that prompts my decisions when book buying to, I look for ‘different’ and when I see a book set in the UK it’s not different enough. I think my problem is I don’t read anywhere near as much as I used to anymore, I just don’t have time (which is pretty scandalous for someone who would still like to write), so I’ve become more stereotyped in my book buying, going for set patterns of stuff I know I’ll like just because I don’t have the time to be risky.

Having said that my current read (as opposed to listen) which is going very slowly (due to lack of time, not because I don’t like the book, although it’s not as good as the author’s previous work) is set in Scotland and definitely doesn’t come under ‘dry and worthy’. Also, although I may be coming over all americo-phile right now, wait till you see the blog post I’m going to get round to writing about this current series of Torchwood.

Anyway, does where the book is set influence your book buying decisions? Does it matter?

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