Sausages and squash mash


I swing between viewpoints on what to feed the kids, point A being they’re fussy but they need to eat so I might as well feed them what they like (within reason, I’m not going to give them pizza everyday) and point B is the more guilt laden not only do I need to make sure they eat but they need to eat properly. When I’m at point B I cook them more adventurous things with the knowledge that what I’m serving up may not get eaten which after a while gets a bit soul destroying and I swing back to point A. I am currently at point B, with the sneaking feeling that maybe if I hadn’t spent so long pandering to their tastes they wouldn’t be so fussy now. So for lunch sausages and squash mash got cooked, with the horrible nagging feeling throughout that they probably weren’t going to eat it. The recipe is from Hungry? and is sausages and apples baked in honey, mustard and a splash of apple juice with a mash of butternut squash and sweet potato. First up, although smelling amazing pretty much as soon as it went in the oven, would those sausages brown? No. I ended up upping the temperature by 20C and extending cooking time by 10 minutes. As for the mash, I thought it was too ‘wet’ and incredibly bland (but ok once I’d stirred through a spoonful of mustard through my portion). But what did the two little people I was really cooking this for think? They both ate the sausages, with Boy Lacer dipping his into the mash because he thought it was a sauce (well it was quite wet), so he did eat a little of the mash, with Girl Lacer attempting a little more than he did. Boy Lacer liked the apples (so did I, they were delicious) but Girl Lacer didn’t. So overall although this dish wasn’t quite the thumbs down I thought it’d be, it was in nowhere near a success and I won’t be making it again.


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