Eight onions

I pulled my onions a week or so ago, their stalks had gone brown and were flopping, so they weren’t exactly going to grow any bigger. I (like I could see a lot of my allotment neighbours doing) left my onions out on the soil of their old bed so they could dry off, cue a week of quite a lot of rain interspersed with the sort of sunshine that probably has dried your onions out, until it starts raining again that is. Tonight though I was an organised little gardener (for once) and after a nice warm day (and noticing that the weather forecast said it was going to rain for the next three), I popped up to the allotment to go and collect my onions.

As you can see, they’re a bit on the small side.

I always like going up to the allotments though, as the light begins to fade, the place looks even prettier (well maybe not my plot), hence the photo of someone else’s flower dangling over the path on my way out.


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