Three new herbs

One of the good things about going to Kew is that they do have a good little garden shop and they sell especially nice herbs. This time round they seemed to be selling herbs from a company I hadn’t seen before, called the Hairy Plant Pot Company (you guessed it, their plant pots were hairy – made from coir) and the plants were big and bushy and healthy looking (and on special offer), so a basil, sage and bay hopped back home on the bus with me (when Boy Lacer smelt the basil, his immediate response was “Look Girl Lacer, a pasta tree!” lol).

This evening I took advantage of the all too rare combination these days of it it NOT being my turn to put the kids to bed and not being on shift this evening either and went up the allotment. I won’t be able to do that for much longer, even if I’m both not working nor putting the kids to bed, as night fall is creeping up all too fast now.

But tonight I did manage to get my new plants in on time, having to dig over where the bay went behind my lavender bushes (and discovering two unmovable bricks buried right where I had planned to plant, why hadn’t I found those last time I dug over?).

And planting my sage and basil behind my existing bank of chaotically overgrown herbs.

The basil is African Blue Basil, which is actually a perennial and apparently tougher than most basils but not fully hardy. I will get some protection for it but I am hopeful that because my allotment is so sheltered and I’ve planted it pretty much in the most sheltered part of my sheltered allotment, it’ll be ok. I haven’t had much luck with basil this year (which is partly due to me not making enough effort), so it’d be good to have something hopefully surviving there. Apparently it’s not the most flavoursome of basils but it at least smelt pretty good to me and it’s meant to have pretty flower stalks to*.

And anyway, not to finish this blog post without a token flower picture, this time actually from my plot, a last gasp poppy from my flower bed (which looks like, after months of giving me flowers after more flowers), is dying off, but not without one last bright red shout out.

*All basil info cribbed off the Hairy Plant Pot Company site, go check it out people, you can buy stuff

(Finished and posted the next morning, as well, Torchwood was on)


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