Dress for Dolly

Tea Party Doll's Dress

Girl Lacer has been slightly nagging me, all holiday, to make a dress for Dolly (her poor naked Cabbage Patch Doll, although most of her dolls do tend to end up with no clothes on) and it felt really good to be able to sit down today and actually make it (if anything because I’ve been sewing Halloween stuff all holiday (you wait and see), so to make something that wasn’t orange, green or purple, was a breath of fresh air).

The dress is the Tea Party Doll’s dress from Oliver & S’s Little Things to Sew and this has to be, oooh, the fourth pattern I’ve made from the book (so the book is proving exceptional value for money). As usual with Oliver & S patterns, the pattern was fairly easy to understand (except for the second from last step with the hem, so with that bit I sort of adapted it a bit because I couldn’t get what the pattern was trying to say). And as usual with Oliver & S patterns I’ve come away from making something feeling like I’ve learnt stuff that I can apply to the rest of my sewing (in this case how the bodice was constructed and yes, a bit ironically considering I didn’t completely understand it, how the hem was constructed to). The result is, I think, a really lovely dress, with a lovely flared shape to it and it’s now made me tempted to go and make some Oliver & S dresses for Girl Lacer to (incidentally in the photo today Girl Lacer is wearing a Clothkits dress I made her, which she wears quite a bit unless she thinks she’s going somewhere where some of her more sterotyped girl friends might disapprove of her wearing a dress with cars on).

Button detail - tea party doll's dress
Button detail

The flower fabric was thrifted via my mother-in-law and I have tons of it and although I think it wouldn’t look particularly great on me, that it will look great on Girl Lacer, so I can see a dress made from more of this fabric for her in the future (probably next summer though, it’s really not a winter fabric), either that or pillow cases (I am getting pillow case making urges because I’m fed up of plain pillow cases!).

The pink fabric is a klona solid, I bought a big bundle of klona solid fat quarters from Backstitch a while ago and they’ve been invaluable for when I need a plain bit of something or something other than just the normal white, to embroider on.


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