Kingston Carnival

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After accidentally stumbling on Kingston Carnival last year, I deliberately took the kids along this year. It seems though, despite plenty of advertising, that Kingston Carnival is one of those things were you’re only going to really see it if you stumble across it because when me and the kids turned up to wait we were the only people behind our particular stretch of tape cordoning the carnival route off until just before the parade started and people who had been in town shopping anyway, decided to stop and see what the fuss was about. And it was definitely worth stopping to watch, it’s only a little carnival really and in places a tiny bit dishevelled, but they certainly made an effort and it was great to see all the cultures that are found in and around Kingston being represented and having fun, even despite the increasingly pouring rain.

(PS I included a picture of the skeleton car that was in the parade because my kids are convinced the car is a ‘spy car’, they see it frequently round Kingston, in reality it’s an estate agent’s car but the spy car theory is far more interesting).


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