Richmond Park into early Autumn

I had a hospital appointment today but it was one of those sort of times where there wasn’t really much point me going home between dropping the kids off at school and then going to the appointment, as I’d only be home for a few minutes but if I walked straight to the hospital I’d be there way too early. So I walked the long way round instead through the park, with, of course, my camera.

(Taken just outside Richmond Park)

In other news

  • We have new windows in our living room, bathroom, the kids’ bedroom and kitchen plus a new back door. They were installed on Monday and Tuesday this week and they are lovely. Despite the bad light in this flat I’ve tried not to take photos of things on my window sills in the past (although there are a few photos knocking around this blog) because our old windows were awful. Most of them were original to this flat (so over 70 years old) and they were literally falling apart and we didn’t have the money to restore them properly, so new windows needed doing. And although I miss the lovely twinkly old glass and the metal window fittings, I so love not having any more draughts (at least from the windows) and no more mould (at least from the windows), everything just looks so clean and bright, it’s lovely. I am especially in love with my back door, if that’s possible, now the old back door and the window next to it weren’t original but it was still quite old (I’d guess 70s) and one of the panes in the kitchen window started to crack pretty much as soon as we moved in (*ahem* 7 years ago) and the back door let in very little light to our dingy kitchen. That’s all changed now and it’s like having a new kitchen (if I stand relatively close to the back door with the rest of my horrible kitchen behind me) and the light in it, although still not brilliant, is a lot lot better.
  • The kids are back in school (not before being trapped in the flat with me for two days whilst the windows were fitted mind you). Girl Lacer is now in the Junior side of the school, with a slightly different uniform and different timetable and a really cool teacher. Boy Lacer is now in Year 1 and is in Girl Lacer’s old Year 1 class, so it’s lovely seeing the teaching staff in there again and as all the rest of the staff in that school are, they’re being brilliant with him. Boy Lacer has come home (after a bit of an initial wobble going into school on the first day back) announcing that his new class is the “best” and that you have to read every day and that he still gets to do cooking (which he loves).
  • Girl Lacer will hopefully be doing drama this year on top of her dance, choir and now also swimming, I’m really pleased though as it’ll be with the school, she had been after drama lessons with her dance school but school is cheaper and even better, if I remember the name of the drama teacher correctly, the drama teacher the school has brought in is the same drama teacher as the dance school, result!
  • I am still mostly really enjoying my main part time job, although it has its stressful moments. I’m currently working six days a week, with days ranging from just an hour’s work to other days when I’m working six hours (and often more with overtime which I often get on my long day). One of my school gate friends is now also working for the same company, which is really nice considering I work remotely (although even working remotely I still get to keep in touch with my colleagues far more than I would have imagined I would in a work from home job). So being so busy with my main part time job I had to keep reminding myself that my other part time job started back yesterday (ironically my one day off on the main part time job). I have only one student now with my teaching and I intend to keep it that way and I won’t be taking any more on after my student finishes his exams in the summer (hooray!)

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