Mommy & Baby Whale

Badbird Mommy and Baby Whale

Looking at this blog over the last few months you’d think I hadn’t done any stitching, I’ve actually done more than usual but it’s the same old same old, it’s all just waiting for me to sew it into something. This piece was actually finished at the end of last week but in this case I’d delayed posting about it because I pretty much stitched this up so I could talk about it on Feeling Stitchy in my Sunday column and it got bumped last week when I discovered Doe-c-doe’s brilliant appliqued ship. But mommy and baby whale made it this week, as it’s still such a brilliant pattern.

The Mommy & Baby Whale pattern is by Badbird and it’s her September free pattern of the month, which you can find here. I love all of Badbird’s patterns but I personally think there’s something extra special about this one, maybe it’s all those repeating wave lines or something? Don’t know. I certainly had fun stitching those repeating wave lines, pulling out all my shades of blue from my embroidery floss tin and picking out a nice sequence going from light to dark.

I know the photo is not great (bad light) and it looks like I could do with ironing the fabric even though I did actually iron the fabric (had to, I use frixion pens these days to transfer patterns and you iron them off – I’d recommend them, far better than water soluble pens). I could so do with a new iron!

Much as I said at the beginning of this post, I don’t normally blog about a piece of embroidery unless it’s completely finished and either in its final hoop or more usually for me, sewn into it’s final home, this piece is actually ‘unfinished’ as at first it was just going to go into a scrapbook (to control my constant cushion making I’m trying to be happy with just putting some embroidery pieces in a scrapbook), then it looked so nice in its hoop when I was stitching it up I was going to hang it on the wall in its hoop when I finished and then I thought that this pattern was so more Boy Lacer than me it had to go into something for him, so it’s currently an unfinished piece of fabric whilst I decide what it’ll be. I have a feeling it may end up as part of a swim bag as the design is perfect for it and Boy Lacer will need one next summer and the way how my ufo pile is going, it’ll be summer by the time I get to do something with this piece!


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