Thames Swim

Me and Girl Lacer went to see David Walliams on Day 7 of his Thames Swim this evening. Today he swam from Old Windsor Lock to Teddington, which is an amazing 21 miles. We were in Kingston from mid afternoon to see him, keeping in touch with his progress via Twitter and although he had initially started the day well, he was (unsurprisingly) slowing down, so we were hanging round quite a bit but it was so worth it to cheer him on when he eventually rounded the corner at Ravens Ait in the pouring rain.

David Walliams Thames Swim  - Ravens Ait

Me and Girl Lacer followed David from Ravens Ait up through to Canbury Gardens, a whole crowd of people following him, with people waiting for him at every stroke.

(Approaching Kingston Bridge – you can’t really see David in the video but it gives you an idea of the amazing crowds).

Tomorrow Walliams will be past Teddington Lock and into the tidal Thames, which is risky enough as it is without the recent influx of raw sewage into the river (see the article below) and he will be finishing his amazing challenge at Big Ben, having swum all the way from the beginning of the river. The physical and mental challenge of what David Walliams has done is amazing, he’s a complete hero. So far he has raised an amazing £822,823 in aid of Sports Relief, which goes to support vulnerable people in the UK and abroad. You can donate here, I have.

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