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I’d read the other three books in the Twilight series (not in a great hurry mind you), so it was inevitable I was going to read the fourth, but I’ve only just got round to doing so. I had kind of guessed that it would end with Bella becoming a vampire (so it kind of took the urgency out of starting the fourth book to be honest) but on starting the book I was surprised that it didn’t play out how I’d imagined it (I had imagined the fourth book would be a whole long lead up debating whether Bella should or should not be turned into a vampire, with her being turned right at the end). It turned out (and I warned you, MASSIVE SPOILERS coming up) that Bella gets turned into a vampire about half way through the book and the book really isn’t about that act but more about Bella and Edward’s child. But going back to the act of turning Bella into a vampire, I was kind of glad that in the end it wasn’t a deliberate decision and instead it was an act to save her ‘life’, although there was still some deliberation in it as would Bella of continued with the pregnancy if she had known there was absolutely no chance of her being saved? Scrap that, of course she would, she was that devoted to her unborn child, which was a whole section of the book I found slightly disturbing and I was extremely glad that the middle section of the book where Bella is pregnant is narrated by Jacob instead of Bella, to give a more balanced view point because a whole third of the book of Bella happily sacrificing herself would have been pretty sickening (and anyway, to be honest Jacob has always been my favourite character 😉 ).

I don’t know, I’ve read the whole series with the thought in the back of my mind “Would I be happy Girl Lacer reading this, when she’s a teenager?” and to be honest although I have no plans to go about starting banning books, I’d be much happier her reading the much more graphic The Enemy series that the Twilight series. The Enemy series shows events from many different view points and moral angles whilst the Twilight series is a lot more one dimensional, with no real attempt to convince Bella that there was life beyond her first boyfriend and eek, then she gets pregnant . . . I just think this series gives an overly romantic view of life and doesn’t encourage independence but then again Twilight is by far not the first romance series to have done this.

But as for the book itself, despite the topic making me feel slightly uncomfortable, I actually enjoyed it and it was a quick read (not that quick by the way regular readers, I know I only posted another book review yesterday, which is unlike me these days, I’d read about two thirds of Breaking Dawn, the The Fear arrived, so I read that and then I finished the remained of Breaking Dawn yesterday). So ach, it’s not that bad (Team Jacob all the way).


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