Ever wondered what we look like?

Wee Little Stitches Family Portrait of us, stitched by me

As a treat to myself at the end of last term, I commissioned, for an extremely reasonable price, a pixel people portrait of me, Mr. Lacer and the kids, from Wee Little Stitches. The finished pattern arrived very quickly and considering they had gone just by my written descriptions of us (and not photos), they captured us really well. I had wanted, not just to capture our relative heights (as how tall you are compared to the rest of the family is so important to the kids right now, far more than the actual physical measurements on their height charts) and what we look like but also to capture our favourite outfits, the ones we found ourselves wearing far more often then anything else in our wardrobes (excluding school uniforms for the kids and work shirt and trousers for Mr. Lacer). So in early summer 2011 we were wearing burgundy T-shirt and jeans with white and blue trainers (Mr. Lacer), boyfriend style roll up jeans, tank top and grey boyfriend style cardigan with blue Converses (me), a black T-shirt with a black skirt with sparkly trim and blue Mary Janes (Girl Lacer) and a red T-shirt with a black skull and cross bones with baggy grey shorts and white and blue trainers (Boy Lacer). Since receiving the pattern (and desperately trying to find the time to stitch it), Mr. Lacer has had a hair cut, I’ve started wearing my hair up more often as it’s now a bit longer, Girl Lacer still wears her favourite T-shirt and skirt and Boy Lacer has got a lot more into shirts (is that an ASD thing? I know the stereotypical autistic child in books and TV is often wearing a shirt whilst all the other kids are in T-shirts but maybe there’s a truth in that stereotype, I think Boy Lacer likes to look smart). We’ve all had changes in shoes to (ugh *shudder* you don’t want to know how much I spent on shoes the other day, darn you growing feet 😉 ).

Anyway, I’m really pleased with our little family portrait, even if coincidentally it makes it look like I’m raising a pair of goth children (maybe I am – no I’m not actually, I’m raising a pair of geeks, as I type both are in front of Portal). I definitely hope to do another one of these portraits in a year or two, to chronicle the kids changing heights and fashion sense (although Mr. Lacer will still be wearing that red T-shirt and jeans).


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