I spent the morning prepping (oh for when my main part time job is my only ‘proper’ job, only 9 months and counting), I finished around lunch time and I was starving but I wanted to eat something nice (not the usual cheese sandwich and besides we had no cheese) and all the things I’d menu planned for took a while to make (I need to be a better menu planner), so I picked the quickest thing to make – peperonata, which still took a good half an hour to make, so in the time it took me to make it I polished off three slices of toast and a large glass of apple juice, so I wasn’t so hungry after that! Not that peperonata is the most filling thing in the world anyway and I would have (if I’d been able to control myself) probably have served it with toast anyway, as a meagre replacement to the homemade bread which technically would have been so much nicer with this but if I’d gone down that route I’d have been eating lunch some time round school pick up time.

Eating outside, enjoying the last rays of sunshine / waiting for the delivery man

The recipe was from the Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall Veg book and mmmm I think I prefer Bill Granger’s version of peperonata, Granger’s version isn’t quite so tomatoey (in fact trying to remember if his version has got tomato in at all). Hugh FWs version is more like a pasta sauce than a pepper stew, which is lucky then that I made extra, guess what the kids are having for tea tonight?

(For the record it actually tasted quite nice, although it was quite heavy on the onion to – I may have to dilute the oniony-ness for the kids with lots of cheese or something with it for their tea tonight. And it was worth the effort of making something nice, just wish ‘something nice’ didn’t take quite so long to make.)


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