Autumn planting

Despite saying I’d missed out on an Autumn / Winter salad garden from Rocket, as they were out of stock, I noticed that Rocket’s window box garden was pretty much just salad, so I ordered that instead. It came yesterday, giving me just enough time to unpack the plants before school pick up, so I had to drag the kids up the allotment to start planting after school (and finishing digging over the beds I was going to use, oops). Girl Lacer helped (whilst Boy Lacer played with my iPhone) and although two pairs of hands certainly made things go quicker, some of the digging over isn’t quite so thorough and some of the plant spacing a bit squiffy but never mind.

The main salad bed, which yes, is once again right next to the rabbits' back door (the fence), yes I know, where I said I wasn't going to grow salad again but it was the easiest bed to dig over, hopefully the netting, otherwise known as the rabbit guard in this household, will help.
The other leafy veg bed (tatsoi and rainbow chard)

Whilst up there I spotted that a few of the plants I had given up on were actually trying to vainly produce something. I had noticed this a few days before –

tiny butternut

Although by the time we were down there yesterday it was looking a little mouldy. But the plant is still trying . . .

I have a feeling nothing much is going to come from it though but still not bad for a first try and specially not bad considering this was a rare (for me) attempt at growing from seed.

Another surprise was that one of my aubergines had actually fruited! But by the time I went round to take a photo, just before we were going home, this had happened . . .

Still though, not bad for something I was convinced wasn’t going to do anything.

Other plants beginning to look good include my red cabbages, pretty pest damaged around the outside leaves, they’re at least beginning to look like cabbages in the middle.

Here’s to more growing!


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