V&A and the ‘Dinosaur’ Museum

It was the last day of the London Design Festival at the V&A today, so me and Girl Lacer went to see the Timber Wave (which is still there till October).

Once inside Girl Lacer immediately wanted to go and have a look at the Power of Making Exhibition, so we went to see that and it was really good. It’s on until the beginning of next year, so definitely worth a look as it has a really interesting eclectic mix of stuff from a giant gorilla made from coat hangers, to a wooden robot, to artificial eyes, to giant knitting (the wool the thickness of ropes), to sugar spun art, to a cake in the very realistic form of a baby, to a collection of very cool looking 3D printers, which were really impressive (I want one lol). There was way more stuff than what I’ve just listed (including some really interesting videos) linked by the fact that everything there had been crafted by someone, even the 3D printers, as those involved crafting the pattern to print out, sort of like a little home factory.

We then went to see the Textile Field in the Raphael room, which was cool and kind of weird, the idea being that you lay on the raised carpet so that you could see the paintings from a different angle.

I think the new angle worked, as laying down, in a slightly raised way, the paintings felt a lot more three dimensional, I was laying in front of a painting with pillars and it felt much more that I could step up and walk amongst the pillars when laying down rather than when viewing it sitting up (although of course Raphael is pretty immersive from any angle).

We then went and had lunch in the courtyard garden by the ‘paddling pool’ (Girl Lacer’s favourite spot) going via the as always gorgeous gift shop, put it this way Father Christmas ended up doing some advanced scouting for stocking fillers 😉

After lunch we went to the Natural History Museum, to of course see the dinosaurs (yawn – sorry but I’ve seen it so many times now).

I've seen the exhibition so many times I've developed a soft spot for this shadow

A quick trip to the mammal room (I like this entrance, it looks like the cover to a book).

And then I took Girl Lacer to see the new(ish) Cocoon (the insect collection), which she liked as it was so interactive. I preferred the occasional view over the rooftops.


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