A not so quick lunch

This week I’ve menu planned in a few more salads, as I thought they’d be quicker at lunch time, thing is the salad I really wanted this lunch time involved cucumber and I had deliberately not ordered cucumber as I knew there was some down the allotment.

Spot the cucumber (there's three)

I also needed some basil and mint.

It was lucky I had decided to make an early start on lunch, as by the time I put all this stuff together (and decided that the cucumbers really didn’t look too safe to eat – they looked under ripe and I wasn’t going to risk it, I’ve got too many places I need to be this afternoon without making myself ill), it was half past one.

The recipe (herby, peanuty, noodly salad) was from Hugh FWs veg book and was very yummy, give me anything with a citrus, rice vinegar, soy, garlic and chilli dressing and I’ll eat it (I’m not a great fan of green beans). However it may have been quicker just to walk down to M&S and get my favourite noodle salad from there instead!

(And remind me NOT to grow cucumbers again, as although this time I got nearly edible cucumbers – which is an improvement on last time, I really don’t think they’re worth the effort, specially as my favourite bit about cucumbers is the skin and with cucumbers I’ve grown they’re always the sort you need to peel as they’re spiky).


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