Zombie Felties

I had a SENCO / speech therapist / TA meeting at school earlier this week regarding Boy Lacer, they asked me what he was into at the moment (so they could incorporate it into some sort of reward system) and I was genuinely stumped; Gruffalo? Nope, been there done that, although he still likes that a bit. Chuggington? That’s so last year (or two years ago really, that one was the method of bribery in nursery). I did tell them he liked Portal (to a sea of blank faces), I should have elaborated further that he likes the idea of shooting portals so that he can travel from one place to another and he would love to be able to make real Portals or failing that have a play at Portal 3 (not yet coded). I should have also said that he quite likes zombies (although currently nowhere near as much as Portal of course).


He also, if he’s going to like any music at all (other than the Ting Tings – are my kids the only two fans of the Ting Tings left?) he would say that he likes Michael Jackson (thanks to his old Reception teacher), he particularly likes Thriller (wonder why?).

Hence for his token handmade birthday present (his birthday is later this week) I’ve made him Thrilla from Zombie Feltiesby Nicola Tedman and Sarah Skeate. And I am quite pleased with the result, although I wish he were a bit bigger, I’ve had to add a hanging loop because he’s going to loose it otherwise in his sea of soft toys and I think Thrilla will look good hanging on his chest of drawers anyway.

All the zombie felties look pretty good and I can easily see myself making more, specially as they don’t really take that long to make. They’re all a mixture of felt, beading, sequins and a bit of embroidery. For Thrilla I had to replace the pink sequins they had used for the brains with pink beads as I couldn’t find any pink sequins that weren’t too bright and shiny, but I think it would be pretty easy to adapt most of the zombies with what you can get your hands on. Other zombie felties include a classic zombie, zombie puppy, zombie duck, zombie bunny (one of my favourites with its red floss guts spilling out), day of the dead zombie, zombie surfer, zombie bride, zombie undertaker (also pretty cool) and vampire zombie (ditto). All the zombies are pretty small but would make good door decorations, large brooches, maybe even cool cake toppers (specially the zombie bride) or a macabre mobile.

PS I did wonder about the aptness of posting this as the Michael Jackson trial starts, about whether it was potentially in bad taste but I used to be a fan of MJ when I was a kid and it’s lovely seeing his music touch another generation, including of course, some of his (I think) best work, Thriller.

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