Random Saturday Stuff (posted early Sunday morning) – MILD DOCTOR WHO / MERLIN SPOILERS

  • So, it was the last episode of the current series of Doctor Who and as always Stephen Moffat sure can write ’em, I promise I’m not going to write any major spoilers except it’s obvious the Doctor was obviously gonna survive (come on, I’ve seen the on location photos of the next Christmas special) and the way he survived, well I didn’t see that one coming (I had my own theory I was convinced about and I was obviously wrong and actually thinking about it, I think I’d been fooled by a very deliberate red herring). Also I think Stephen Moffat really, really wants to write an Indiana Jones script (come on, that would be brilliant!). Oh and I loved how the beginning of the episode showed the Doctor travelling a lot, I always like to think that the Doctor gets about far more than we actually see and there was a hint of that. Amy Pond looked fantastic. I loved London at the beginning. And I love how Moffat has set up the next series, lots more things to find out now and we thought RTD liked a long arc.
  • And as Doctor Who ends another series of Merlin starts, I wasn’t totally blown away by tonight’s episode but they may have something to do with having just watched Doctor Who first and anyway it can take time to get back into the whole arc of that particular series. Still, nice to see it back but they really must stop colour coding the good guys and the bad guys, tonight’s bad guy was obvious from the start just by the colour of his clothes (and the fact he looked a bit shifty).
  • Moving the subject completely away from TV, if you haven’t been lured to this particular post by the Merlin and Doctor Who tags and like embroidery, check out this thread on Phat Quarter, I’m a bit unobservant and have only just noticed it, but it features the work so far on Mr X Stitch’s Digital Common’s group, you’ll see a piece of mine up there plus some absolutely brilliant pieces, I’m in awe at how inventive embroiders can be at representing text in different ways.
  • Talking of embroidering text in different ways, have you seen the new Flickr group dedicated solely to embroidered text?

There, Saturday night TV and embroidery in one post, which is apt because embroidery is usually what I’m doing when I’m watching Saturday night TV.


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