A study in purples

I went down to the allotment yesterday evening to water (WATER, in OCTOBER, still can’t believe this hot spell) and anyway I didn’t have my phone with me as it was at home charging up and I didn’t have my camera with me either and I was kicking myself as I found that I had arrived just at that magic moment when the sun was setting over the allotment and the light was streaming across the allotment, through the trees and the greenhouses and the bushes and just looking spectacular. I’ve been up at the allotment at the magic time before and have managed to take photos up there then to but the light was just too good last night and the poppies still springing up in my flower patch, my moth eaten but still photogenic red cabbages and the flowers in a neighbouring plot were looking particularly good.

So I quickly watered and rushed back home to get my camera. Of course by the time I had got back, although there was still light, the sun had sunk further down towards the horizon and was no longer filtering so splendidly through all the varied structures of the allotment, so I couldn’t take the photos I wanted, but, well, I had my camera, so I looked round for other things to photograph instead.

The red cabbages were still looking good, I love the almost unnatural colours of the leaves and their thick purples veins, it almost looks flesh like.

And then there’s the beetroot I really must harvest soon.

And the prettiest weed of them all, still popping up.

Now I know I could go up the allotment potentially any time at sunset but my evenings tend to be busy with work and kids and besides I hope to stop having to doing watering runs soon (the hot weather is predicted to end tomorrow). And as the season progresses I won’t be able to go up to the allotment in the evening at all, as I have no plans to go up there in the dark. I think the allotment at sunset is always my favourite time of day to be up there, so maybe that’s what made last night’s sunset so good (that and this extreme Autumn weather), the knowledge that it could well be the last good allotment sunset I see in a while. I will just have to remember to bring my camera for the next one.

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