I’m a bit rubbish and remembering to make nice side dishes, I always like to concentrate on cooking the main attraction but as the main attraction this lunch time was a baked potato and I wanted to distract myself from the fact I wasn’t going to put cheese and/or bacon on it (damn you diet), I decided to make myself a couple of nice sides instead whilst the potato was cooking.

First up was marinated cucumber from Hugh FWs Veg Everyday book, except I made it a bit more asian by swapping the cider vinegar for rice vinegar and the mint for coriander (it’s just simply tossing the cucumber in a spoon or two of vinegar and letting marinate for half an hour). Oh and I didn’t peel the cucumber or remove the seeds as Hugh suggested, that’s kind of against the point of eating cucumber isn’t it? (Yes I know the seedy bit in the middle can make some people gassy apparently).

The second side was also from Hugh FW’s veg book, his Asian slaw which was soooo delicious I honestly couldn’t put my fork down long enough to take a photo. sorry. Just basically typical slaw type ingredients but instead of mayonnaise it had a soy, honey, sesame oil, rice vinegar and lime dressing and I am going to be making that one again and again and again, yum. (The cucumber was a weak contender in comparison to the slaw but also tasted nice).

Right . . . chocolate . . . please . . .anyone?


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