Leek and cheese toastie

This was tea, the leek and cheese toastie from the Hugh FW Everyday Veg book and it was yum, although in my book a toastie should contain two pieces of bread (i.e. a sandwich) that are toasted, not one, when it’s one it’s just ‘on toast’ i.e. leek and cheese on toast but I’m being picky.

It’s a really simple recipe, just gently softened leek mixed with a few tablespoons of cream and a bit of cheese, put on a piece of lightly toasted sour dough and topped with a bit more cheese. I didn’t add as much cheese as Hugh recommended because I am still meant to be on a diet (groan – the cream was low fat to, I bet Hugh would not be impressed) but it was fine with just a little and Hugh tends to go OTT anyway. I also swooped the recommended thyme with the leeks to rosemary, as that’s what I had. Using sour dough with the recipe was really nice to, I’m not normally a big fan of sour dough but this one was apparently a Californian sour dough and it was much nicer, not so dense and sour and the huge air holes were perfect for creating little pockets of leeky-ness.


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