The Big Draw

The Big Draw

Me and Girl Lacer went to our local Big Draw event this lunch time, at a local college. Their theme was colouring in (with watercolours, ink, tissue, pencil, pastels or crayon) segments of a giant wall picture of various musical instruments. Me and Girl Lacer started out with the pastels, with Girl Lacer looking on at me like a slightly embarrassed parent, as I cack-handedly applied them, getting blue fingerprints everywhere (Girl Lacer has always been good at drawing, something which has skipped a generation (at least with me) but she’s also had a far better art education than me, having grown up using pastels and charcoals from nursery age and being taught about all the great artists and their paintings – thank you school – and now she’s in the junior side of the school she has lessons with the school’s dedicated art teacher, who according to Girl Lacer is “strict” and says that “one mistake ruins a picture” – hmmm not sure about that one but the art teacher has in only half a term already been teaching them more art techniques that go straight over my head most of the time). Girl Lacer took it upon herself in the end to ‘choose’ the correct pastels for me, experimenting with them first on the back of her piece of paper, to make sure they looked ok. Girl Lacer even got asked for a little photo session of her drawing for the local paper.

After the pastels, we then went on to colour in another section, this time with watercolours, which is more my sort of thing and after those were hung up to Girl Lacer got presented with a gorgeous, proper artist’s sketchbook to take home to do more drawing in. She carried it very proudly round town (which has started getting horribly crowded with early Christmas shoppers I think) before coming home to launch straight into some more drawing. Below is the drawing she just gave me (the figure in the drawing is me, in a fairly accurate representation of what I’m wearing today, I note she’s just graduated into drawing cleavage lol).



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