Pink Ribbon

pink ribbon

My mum died just before her 50th birthday, after a very long battle with breast cancer, so if you present me with a pink ribbon cross stitch pattern where all proceeds go to charity, of course I’m going to stitch it. This pattern is by Emily Peacock for the Cross Stitcher magazine and you can download it here, for a donation to the charity Breast Cancer Care.

I stitched this up over the last week and finished it in time to wear proudly on my coat on the kids’ breast cancer fundraising Wear Pink To School Day on Thursday. Girl Lacer happened to be off sick that day (although not that sick, she’d lost her voice), so after dropping Boy Lacer off at school we popped into Sainsburys. Whilst sitting on the bench outside Sainsburys afterwards, I got Girl Lacer to take the photo above, knowing I was going to be blogging about the pattern on Sunday and slightly worried that something would happen to the brooch before I could photograph it. I was right, at some point between Sainsburys and home I lost the brooch 😦  I probably will stitch this up again but I do tend to attach sentimental value to the where and when I stitch things, as well as the actual embroidered object, so it won’t be quite the same.

I’ve also blogged about this pattern over on Feeling Stitchy today, where I’ve also talked about another great breast cancer charity pattern from Happy Sew Lucky.


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