Embroidery catch up

Ok, first up, I haven’t gone mad, I just have an awful lot of embroidery that I did over the summer that never got shown on this blog because I hadn’t sewn it into it’s finished piece and due to the rather pressing deadline of Girl Lacer’s birthday party next week (next week? next week? argh help me!), I’m having to sew the party related pieces up and whilst I have unearthed my sewing machine / the pile of unfinished pieces, I’m trying to get through all of them, I have embroidery dating back to last Christmas that has never been sewn into it’s final home and I need to get it done.

Anyway, first up, something not to do with Girl Lacer’s forthcoming party.

Ginger close up

(Note: not actually stitched on blue fabric, darn you dingy flat!)

Quite a while ago I asked Scarlett Tentacle (<- warning the front page of Scarlett’s blog as it currently stands, is not particularly safe for work, although I love the piece on it) if I could use her colouring books to get embroidery patterns from, she said yes and this is the first one I did. I love the 70s B movie feel of this.

And now onto Girl Lacer’s forthcoming birthday party, I bet you can’t guess the theme?

Halloween party bags

1. Halloween princess bag, 2. Spooky party bag, 3. Mummy bag, 4. Pumpkin man halloween bag, 5. Spooky House party bag, 6. Halloween girl party bag, 7. Spooky Girl Party Bag, 8. Big pile of halloween party bags

If you click on any of the links above it’ll take you to the bigger picture, also if you go onto my Flickr stream you can see some more close up photos if you’re interested (didn’t want to make this a mammoth long posts with too many photos). All bar the mummy and the pumpkin – cat – ghost one are patterns by Urban Threads, the mummy is from a pattern by Sublime Stitching and the pumpkin – cat – ghost pattern is Feeling Stitchy’s September pattern of the month by Cathy Gaubert (which I particularly enjoyed stitching).

More Halloween stitching coming soon . . .


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