Halloween Embroidery Part 2

Halloween bunting

1. Halloween bunting, 2. Halloween bunting, 3. Halloween bunting, 4. Halloween bunting, 5. Halloween bunting, 6. Halloween bunting

(Yes my kitchen is a mess and I need a new shed)

You would not believe the relief I’m feeling just for finishing this lot (well, actually, if you’re reading this and you’re crafter you probably know the feeling very well, crafting is fun but when you’re working to a deadline sometimes it can also be fun when it’s over). Anyway (in case you hadn’t guessed it by now, Girl Lacer’s birthday party next week has a Halloween theme), this is some bunting I made for it. Again, the embroidery was done over the summer. The patterns are from the Sublime Stitching zombies and monsters sheet (the same pattern sheet the pattern for the mummy on one of the party bags I made, came from). I really love the vampire, I think that worked really well, the mummy worked well to, I think one of those rare cases (for me) when something (principally) done in blackwork has gone well. I also quite like the witch and Frankenstein’s Monster, who I think looks a bit like Trigger from Only Fools and Horses (I’ve been busy ‘educating’ Girl Lacer that the monster is not called Frankenstein, as Frankenstein was the scientist, the monster was called Frankenstein’s Monster – sorry, it’s one of my favourite books lol). But I don’t think my zombies worked very well, wrong colour choice I think, but thinking about it, what colour would you embroider a zombie in? Zombies aren’t green (and besides I’d used that for Frankenstein’s Monster and the witch) and the sickly pale pink I did use doesn’t show up very well, I’d like to try those two again at some point.

Next up in my Halloween to-do pile was sewing a pattern from Badbird, that I had appliqued, to turn it into a banner.

Halloween banner

(Hmmmm, my bathroom isn’t too hot either)

Now this was a pattern that was a nightmare to transfer due to the dark purple fabric (consequently the second E is Halloween looks funny), also, possibly because of the dark purple fabric, the glue from the bondaweb was really showing up where it shouldn’t be (although you can’t really see it in the photo). This, I have to admit is not my best bit of applique ever, I was working on a bigger scale than I normally do, so hit some obstacles that way (like *ahem* the black background slipping and me vainly colouring in the visible purple fabric underneath with black Sharpie). Also I shouldn’t have added the embroidered lines to the bat because on a black background, it makes the whole bat now more difficult to see. Oh well, lessons learnt!

Finally (although possibly not finally, as there’s still one piece of Halloween embroidery that I’d like to do, I just don’t think I’ll have time), there’s this cushion.

Paisley Ghosts Cushion

The pattern is from Cate Anevski’s Paisley Ghosts and is actually a birthday present for Girl Lacer (although I’ve given it to her already). The fabric border on the cushion matches the fabric I used for the Halloween bunting.  I struggled with the colours for this one, particularly the turquoise, which is always way out of my embroidery comfort zone but I wanted ghostly, yet paisley / peacock colours, and I think it worked in the end, specially when balanced out by the paisley fabrics used in the cushion. But I think I’d like to maybe embroider some more of Cate’s ghosts in just one colour next time.

Coming soon . . . . lots and lots of Halloween cooking (and decorating).

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