I need to wear more red

Who else is on Pinterest? It can still be a little buggy occasionally but I have a bit of an addiction to it. The above is a reduced down screen shot of My Style Pinboard, if I see something I like and I’m on my laptop (it doesn’t really work from an iPhone or iPad unfortunately, although they do have an app), I’ll pin it. I don’t particularly plan my boards or anything, so it’s been interesting to discover with My Style Pinboard particularly, that I seem to really like red (or reddish browns), with a side helping of greens and blues, when in reality my wardrobe has a lot of grey in it, some blue, up until recently no green and absolutely no red, I think my pin clicking subconscious is trying to tell me something. Since creating that board I do now actually own the red tartan shoes I pinned (from Cath Kidston, they’re lovely, although the pattern clashes with a lot of the stuff I own) and the green cord dress from Boden (although it doesn’t look as nice and fitted on me, as it does on the model, as I needed to get a large size due to my over proportioned boobs, so it’s a bit voluminous around the shoulders and waist). I still desperately need to get some tweed into my wardrobe (never thought I’d say that but tweed is everywhere this winter and the tweed bug has somehow infected my brain and I want some).

Anyway, if anyone is interested you can check out my boards here (I also have embroidery, craft and food boards, amongst others). Let me know if you’re on Pinterest to, I’ll check out your boards as well!


5 thoughts on “I need to wear more red

  1. Everyone should wear more red…certainly all girls of every age should own a pair of red shoes… although looking at my outfit today I appear to be in blacks and greys…hmm time to go shopping… can you tell me how to get on Pintrest by the way…I can’t navigate it at all…

  2. Actually they do have an iphone app. As for the iPad I went I to my bookmarks and copied the “pin it” bookmark they tell you to add to your bookmark bar and pasted it into my bookmark bar on my iPad. It helps feed my addiction to pimterest

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