Girl Lacer’s Halloween Party

When I found out I was expecting a late October baby, I think one of the first things I thought was “When they’re older they can have a Halloween Birthday Party!”, well, 8 years later I got round to it (to be honest I’ve run through just about every other birthday party idea – except for craft parties, which we can’t do, for reasons I can’t go in to, they wouldn’t work – can’t you tell I’m desperate to do a nice girly craft party?).

Anyway we decorated (as you may have guessed from this and this post) and me and the kids got costumes. Girl Lacer was a witch, wearing her Hermione cloak from World Book Day last year, Boy Lacer was a really cool zombie, wearing some old, too small, ripped and (fake) blood stained clothes and I was also a witch, but a bit of an emo one.

I was wearing my black Sublime Stitching top and a purple cord skirt, which as usual for me, was a last minute rush job (sorry for the bad photo below, but you get the idea).

The skirt is the A-line skirt from Amy Butler’s Barcelona pattern. Is it me or am I significantly taller than all models of home sewing patterns? Because on the model on the back of the pattern, this skirt is coming half way between her knees and her ankles. It’s hard to tell I know in the photo above, but this skirt comes to about my knees. Probably because it was a rush job but the skirt didn’t go well, I didn’t put the zip in properly because I thought I knew how to put zips, so didn’t read the instructions properly and then I completely cocked up the lining, starting with (I think) possibly cutting the lining a size too small, at least in part and then there’s my chose of lining material, Amy Butler recommended muslin, oh why didn’t I listen? I went for ‘proper’ lining, you know the silky satin-y stuff from the stack of lining I never normally go anywhere near (wisely). It’s the first time I’d ever sewn with something that slippy and it was a nightmare. So anyway, by the time I’d sewn the lining up, attached it to the skirt, or should I say attempted to attach it to the skirt only to realise that the top of my lining didn’t quite match the top of my skirt, I’d had enough, just ripped out the lining and did a really quick and awful fold over at the top of the skirt and hemmed in that way, this was going to be a skirt with noooo lining. So the inside of this skirt does not look good, but who looks on the inside of your skirt right 😉

(Sorry, another bad photo). The embroidery is Embroidered Ghosts by Cate Anevski and the stitching isn’t brilliant on this one, as I was stitching through paper as I couldn’t transfer the pattern (and when I used tissue paper it tore), so some of my backstitching isn’t quite backstitching and some of stitching is loose from where I was in too much of a hurry when removing the paper once I’d finished. Still, it’s ok. I remember being a bit ugh about the Sublime Stitching top I was wearing today for similar reasons and I’m still wearing it two years later, I suspect I may be wearing this skirt for a similarly long time.

But back to the party, our guests arrived and spent an hour playing Halloween games such as apple bobbing (of course), spooky musical statues, Guess the Ghost and Best Mummy (the latter two games adapted from Halloween games on the Netmums site). Then there was the food;

  • Spaghetti with a tomato sauce (aka worms in blood)
  • Garlic bread (aka vampire deterrent).
  • Pepperami sausage rolls from Lorraine Pascale’s Home Cooking Made Easy – recipe here (aka chopped deadman’s fingers)
  • Crudities
  • Monster Munch (of course)
  • Nigella Lawson Butter Cut Out Cookies in the shape of bats and witches (the recipe for which is here – honestly, if you need to make plain, simple, delicious biscuits that are easy to cut out and actually keep their shape, make these, they always work).
  • Halloween cupcakes (from my standard go to cupcake recipe in Annabel Karmel’s Favourite Family Recipes – those always work to)
  • Raspberry jelly with embedded snake sweets (aka worms in blood jelly)
  • Blackcurrant squash (aka blood)
  • Marble chocolate square cake (also from Annabel Karmel’s Favourite Family Recipes).
As you can see from the dog eared corners, I depend on Annabel Karmel and Nigella Lawson a lot when catering for parties.
The biscuits and the cupcakes
A remaining sausage roll in the distance (they were extremely popular, mine looked more puffy than Lorraine Pascale's though)
Birthday cake (chocolate vampires from Hotel Chocolat)
Not the most successful birthday cake ever, it was very dense (with no raising agent in the recipe), I won't be making it again

All in all it was a good party 🙂


3 thoughts on “Girl Lacer’s Halloween Party

  1. ooh lucky girl, I love Halloween…mainly it’s the food…which seems to be well represented at this party.

    Like the stitching on the skirt. Was wondering, how does embroidery stand up to washing ?

    1. Thanks 🙂

      As for embroidery and washing, normally it stands up to it quite while, I have that Sublime Stitching top and also a pair of jeans with some Sublime Stitching on and they’re both quite old now and have therefore been washed a lot and they still look fine, however I always put them in on my machine’s delicate cycle. As for this skirt though, I’m not so convinced, as the stitching is quite loose, but that’s not going to stop me washing it.

      Ooh and I just remembered Boy Lacer has an embroidered duvet set that gets washed at 60 and tumble dried and even that looks fine to (that set is about a year old), so I’d say yep, embroidered stuff normally stands up to washing pretty well, although make sure the embroidery floss is colour safe, Anchor and DMC usually are, but even with Anchor and DMC be careful when using red, I’ve found in the past that reds aren’t colour safe . . . .

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