The Gift

The Gift

Anyone who reads this blog readily will know I’m a bit of a Rob Ryan fan, so when I saw this book in the lovely Tate Modern shop, I snapped it up, for me, forget the kids . . . ok, well I’ve read it to them, well principally to Boy Lacer but Girl Lacer was in the room at the time doing something else and soon drifted over upon hearing the story, to look at the pictures to.

Anyway, The Gift is written by Carol Ann Duffy and is illustrated by Rob Ryan and it tells the story of a young girl’s life, from childhood to that of an old woman and it is a sweet story about life and death, I don’t want to say too much more, for fear of giving the story away but it is a beautiful book in both words and pictures. But for Rob Ryan fans in particular, I think you’d enjoy seeing some familiar Rob Ryan motifs throughout this book.

(Excuse my hands, they’re not grubby, Girl Lacer has been drawing elephants on them . . . )


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