Me Day

This week has flown by, it seems like literally yesterday it was Monday and now it’s Thursday night and I’m hurtling head long into another busy Friday / weekend. So I grabbed the prospect of a quiet Thursday and declared it a Me Day. Although not exclusively so, I still needed to go to the supermarket but I decided that I was at least going to take my camera and walk the slightly long way round.

leaves closeup

squirrel (2)

And slightly cheating a bit as this was from the other day (and taken on my phone, using Instagram).

carpet of leaves

After the supermarket I set about making, what is possibly the most pointless thing to ever bake (other than your own puff pastry), chocolate digestive biscuits. The recipe was from Peyton and Byrne again and again was a pleasure to make (I’ve decided I like making Peyton and Byrne recipes, it always feels like I’m actually baking something proper). The biscuit dough was a little difficult to handle but it was ok in the end and the resulting biscuits were very nice (but not a bit like McVities chocolate digestives, so I don’t think they’ve got anything to worry about).

choc digestive

Then for lunch I made the Vietnamese chicken salad from Bill’s Everyday Asian, well sort of inspired by the book, as per usual with Bill Granger’s recipes, if you haven’t got quite what the recipe calls for, you can easily adapt it. I also adapted it by adding lime roasted peanuts, instead of the normal roasted peanuts the recipe called for, the lime roasted peanut recipe was also from the book.

vietnamese salad

The recipe also called for a quick pickled carrot, which I also made and which was also delicious (everything was) but it was quite powerfully vinegary.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned the Bill’s Everyday Asian book here before as I hadn’t had a chance to cook from it until now but oh I’ve been drooling over it for ages. I have always loved Bill Granger’s stuff but I much prefer it when he’s doing Asian / Australian style food, instead of the more British style stuff he’s been doing over the last year or two. So going back to Asian food with his latest book has been brilliant. The photography is much more bright and colourful to (which I prefer), in keeping with the light, crisp Asian food he’s cooking.

Anyway, to keep with the tradition, recipes I like the look of in this book in particular include:

  • Quick cucumber pickles (Boy Lacer particularly likes pickles, so if I start putting a ton of vinegar onto everything maybe he’ll eat more vegetables).
  • Roast chicken and egg noodle soup
  • Ohitashi (a spinach, soy and mirin)
  • Char-grilled chicken salad with pineapple and basil looks amazing.
  • Asian slaw is a must, I love asian slaws and so much more healthier.
  • Simple egg noodle salad with peanut dressing
  • There’s a couple of gorgeous looking butternut squash recipes – butternut squash with sweet sesame glaze and thai-style stir-fried butternut squash
  • Mango and sticky rice
  • Ginger fudge and coconut truffles
So by the time I had done all my cooking and eating, it was already nearly 2pm, which is pretty much close to the end of the day if you’re a mum at home and you’ve got the school run to do, but I still got to sit down with my current embroidery and listen to my current audiobook for about an hour, which was a good hour but still shorter than I had imagined I’d get today, so I may have got some cooking out of my system but I still (and will always need) my quiet embroidery time.
Filling in (wip)
Pattern by This Tiny Existence
I now have to go and clean up the kitchen.

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