Red cabbage with pears & garlic

hurriedly taken photo

I am a bit rubbish with sides, I’m more of a concentrate on the main thing kinda girl, which I am beginning to think is the wrong way round because the sides are usually the vegetables and the whole family needs to eat more of those. So today (and I have to admit I principally made the effort to make this because I was bored) I made red cabbage with pears and garlic from Lorraine Pascale’s Home Cooking Made Easy (although if you look around on the web you’ll find plenty of other red cabbage and pear recipes). This one was delicious and more importantly for a cook with a low boredom threshold at the moment, fun to make, I love dishes that feel like chemistry, that magic moment (in this case) when I added the brown sugar and spice to the gently fried onions and it goes all gooey and golden and fragrant, yum. And then of course once I had added the red cabbage, all I had to do was bung it in the oven and pretty much forget about it (other than putting the pears in half way through). I think I may have found a new Christmas dish, specially as 3 out of 4 Lacers liked it (not bad going in this household and unusually this time it was Girl Lacer who didn’t like it, Boy Lacer liked it, because as I said before, cover a vegetable with loads of vinegar and he’ll eat it).


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